Virtual Assistant / Secretarial Services

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a Personal Assistant / Secretary / Administrator / Designer / Web Administrator who provides services from their own office/home, using technology to access the required tools and communicate with you. Think of it as an off-site contractor. This means that based in Brisbane, Australia, I am able to provide admin / PA / typing  and secretarial services to anyone virtually - no matter where you reside. Whether you are a consultant in need of a fresh set of eyes to format and proof read your document, a solo business owner lost in the world of formatting and spreadsheets, or a small business needing an email campaign to be set up and sent to your customers, I can assist from a distance. Secure internet connections, file sharing programs, and email all enable jobs to be handled without me travelling to an office every day. This saves you costs associated with an onsite staff member, plus you only pay for the time required to complete a job (not to mention benefits to the environment). See my Services page for the wide variety of support I can assist you with.

Virtual Assistant - Office Support OnlineBy partnering with me, an experienced VA, you will work with someone genuinely interested in supporting you and your business, who will listen to your issues, help you problem solve and ensure your documents and processes are tailored to you and not a generic standard.

Treat yourself to peace of mind knowing an administrative professional is handling the office work while you have more time to spend on building your business or just enjoying life. Life is too short to waste time on things that aren't your strengths - hand it over to someone who excels in that area.

I also have a large network of associates and colleagues who can assist with large or urgent tasks or jobs which may be outside of my skill set.