Since opening Office Support Online in early 2008 I have been very lucky to work with some amazing people who have not only been clients, but many I would consider friends after our working partnership has moved into long term territory. I am touched to have received this positive feedback from some of my clients and share it with you.

From Clients:

Marie is an absolute joy to work with. A born communicator and designer, she takes care to clarify requirements, offers effective and creative solutions and delivers every time on time to the highest standards. Since her absolute focus is upon delivering work of the highest quality, Marie not only meets expectations, she regularly exceeds them.

Assistant Director, Government Department (confidentiality prevents identifying disclosure) 23/4/2012

Marie has been providing a transcription service for our business since early 2008. We upload voice recordings to a secure Web site, Marie converts these to typed documents and we download them. It is a very efficient system and Marie's service is accurate, reliable, extremely prompt and reasonably priced. Our reports are mostly medicolegal in nature so there is often specific terminology. We only need to provide guidance on novel words once and from then on we can be confident that they will be correct. We used to do this task in-house but have found that outsourcing the service to Marie has brought benefits to our business. Although we don't use them, I am aware that Marie provides other services. She is always expanding her knowledge of the various tools available to enable her to satisfy her clients' needs. We dread the occasions when Marie informs us that she is taking a well-earned holiday but she always ensures that we have a backup service. The nature of this system can mean that it is very impersonal. We have made the effort to meet with Marie a couple of times a year and I have regular email contact with her where we discuss matters other than work. I have found her to be a vivacious and intelligent person that I am proud to call a friend rather than a service provider. I only hope that Marie does not retire before we do as I do not relish the prospect of finding a replacement.

Tony Grima - Director, The Psychological Assessment Centre 19/4/2012

From my LinkedIn Connections/Clients:

Top qualities: Personable, On Time, High Integrity. "Marie worked remotely as our office assistant on a project where we spent a lot of time in Central Queensland and were not contactable. Marie did an excellent job of interpreting the data provided to her and highlighting potential problems in it's integrity as we went along. She had a thorough understanding of what we were trying to achieve and turned the work around very quickly. I recommend Marie for any type of work as she is extremely dedicated to getting the job done and is an asset to any team."

Lisa Brincat - Consultant

Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity. "Marie is very detailed and always meets deadlines. I would highly recommend Marie's services."

Hilary Knights - Professional Marketer and Board Member

"Marie is a professional, attention to detail kind of person. She knows what's required and goes above and beyond to ensure you receive it. I have no hesitation in recommended Marie as I've recommended her to many clients of mine."

Suzie Kemp - Executive Assistant, and Owner of S Events

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time. "I have used Marie's virtual assistant services on a number of occasions for a variety of different roles, and she has consistently over-delivered. If you want the four hour work week, read the book, and then contact Marie - she is a gem!!"

Heather Smith  - Small Business Consultant

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time. "Marie, provides seamless and timely support. There are never any problems and the work is great value."

Scott Pelto - Owner, Forensic Risk Management

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